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Your Corporate Debt Collection Experts

Specialising in Bad Debts

Current collection Agency is a professional debt collection agency specialising in credit control and debt recovery with over 20 years' experience we can help small or big companies recover their outstanding debts.

How We Help:

  • We specialise in doing accounts receivables.
  • We save you time by not having to ring around chasing money.
  • We leave you do what you are good at.
  • We can help save the stress and headache of collecting money that is owed to you.
  • We only specialise in managing small business receivables
  • We can get the best result without jeopardising your client relationship.
  • We act as your credit manager not as a Debt collector.

  • By using Current Collection Agency you don't need to add extra costs like worker compensation /payroll tax/super etc. Current Collection Agency charges a fixed weekly/monthly fee to collect your outstanding account receivables.

    We can offer services in Brisbane & Sydney.

    When we approach your client as a debt collection Agency majority of debtors will either pay or arrange to pay by installments this service is provided by us for no extra cost. Complete debtor Ledgers we act as your Credit Manager not a debt collection agency.

    Proven results in the Debt Collection Industry

    Having over 20 years' experience in the small business debt recovery industry and with an over 95% success rate at collecting outstanding bad debts through negotiation, we are the best choice to help you manage your debts.

    We recover all types of debts from upwards be it for Bad debts + write-offs or assistance with slow payers.

    No Upfront Fees - No Recovery, No Charge

    There are no upfront collection fees, all monies collected is paid directly into your bank account. Our commission is only charged once your funds have been received and cleared through your bank account. If payments are being made by instalments a part commission will be charged until the debt is paid in full.

    Litigation Support

    We are supported by recovery Lawyers that specialist in enforcement procedures.

    Our Debt Collection Services

    We have been successfully managing and collecting for smaller type business like Plumbers Electricians / Carpenters / Motor Mechanics and many more...

    We are a small business helping other small business. With our in house knowledge we can get results together.

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