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We are a credit management company looking after small companies to collect their current and old debts.

To improve your cashflow, Call us on 0412 143 411.


We act as your Credit Manager to collect all your outstanding debts. By outsourcing the maintenance of your debtors ledger it will free up your time to focus on the important things like growing your business.

To improve your cashflow, Call us on 0412 143 411.


You don't need to employ more staff which becomes very costly especially ON COSTS /SUPER/HOLIDAY PAY/WORKERS COMPENASTION /PAYROLL TAX.ETC. If you have already employed someone to do this job say a debtors ledger consisting of 100 clients could take up to 12 hours to collect It makes sense to relieve you of this stress and use outside company to do the job for you. just think what 12 hours a week extra could do to your productivity . Using an outside company you only pay a fixed amount per week NO ONCOSTS .If you are spending more than 2 hours a week calling ,chasing your overdue customers then engaging a Credit Manager to do the work for you becomes cost neutral.

To improve your cashflow, Call us on 0412 143 411.


Our charges are.
0 - 50 $250.00 Plus GST PER/WEEK
50 - 100 $350.00 Plus GST PER/WEEK
100 - Plus By NEG.

To improve your cashflow, Call us on 0412 143 411.

Let Us Help You Improve Your Cashflow.

We will chase your Bad Debtors and if we Don't Collect you Don't Pay.

If your business is suffering from people who don't pay, don't waste your time chasing them. Let Current Collection Agency collect your Bad Debts so you can get on with running your business.

Current Collection Agency can help you collect money from non-paying debtors hurting your business.

  • LET US have the headaches
  • LET US give you a good night sleep.
  • Most of all LET US improve your cashflow.
To improve your cashflow, Call us on 0412 143 411.

We can monitor your complete Debtors ledger.

We specialise in collecting complete debtors ledgers for small companies at a fixed weekly or monthly rate.

We have clients that are very good at what they do but find it very hard collecting their own money.

  • LET US collect your money for you.
  • LET US be your credit manager and save you all those dreaded oncosts.

To Monitor your Debtors Ledger, Call us on 0412 143 411.

Proven Results in Corporate Debts.

We have over 20 years' experience in corporate debts. We have 85% success rate at collecting debts through negotiation.

There are no upfront collection fees all money collected is paid directly into your bank account. Our commission is only charged once your funds have been cleared. If payments are being made by instalments a part commission will be charged until the debt is paid in full.

So let's get your cashflow back on track. Call us on 0412 143 411.

Our commission is negotiable depending on the size of the debt.

Let us contact you to discuss your requirements.
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